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Offering salon results in the comfort of your own home, fully qualified, insured and

CRB/DBS checked, with over 15 years experience.

Mobile: 07921540917         E-mail: beautyelegance2@aol.com


Laura Sharkey

Dartford Road



PE15 8BQ


Home: 01354 740518

Mobile: 07921 540917

  • Areas covered are: Doddington, Wimblington, March and Chatteris. A fee of 40p per mile is


  • Booking is advisable.

  • Treatment timings may vary.

  • Payment is to be made by cash, cheque and bank transfers are only. If cheque payments bounce you will incur my bank charges as well as your own.

  • All packages will require a deposit.

  • Cancellations to be made 24 hours prior to start of treatment or a fee equalling 50% of the treatment value will be charged.

  • Gift vouchers must be used within 6 months and cannot be exchanged for money in any

      circumstance but can be swapped for another treatment of the same amount.

  • Charity gift vouchers must be used within 6 months and are only valid to be used at my treatment room in March, Cambridgeshire. Charity vouchers cannot be swapped for different

      treatments and have no monetry value.

  • Contraindications: if you suffer from any of the following conditions: Heart Condition, Cancer, Epilepsy, Diabetes, Skin Disorders/Diseases, Thyroid Conditions, Allergies, or taking any medication, prescription or otherwise, you must inform me at the time of booking and have a doctors note, so I can evaluate if the treatment can be carried out. If it can not then I will endeavor to find you another alternative therapy.

  • Data Protection: All clients information given to me is confidential and the details I hold are not disclosed to any third party.

Terms and conditions:

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