Mobile Beauty Therapist

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Offering salon results in the comfort of your own home, fully qualified, insured and

CRB/DBS checked, with over 15 years experience.

Mobile: 07921540917         E-mail: beautyelegance2@aol.com

Manicure's & pedicure's

Cut nails from £8.00

Re-varnish £6.00

Express Manicure £10.00

File, shape, tidy cuticles & polish.

Manicure £17.00

Exfoliate, mask, hand and arm massage, file, shape, tidy cuticles & polish.

French Manicure £19.00

*Deluxe Manicure £21.00


Remove hard skin & cut toe nails from £13.00

Express Pedicure £11.00

File, shape, tidy cuticles & polish.

Pedicure £21.00

Remove hard skin, exfoliate, leg and foot massage, cut, file, shape, tidy cuticles & polish.

French Pedicure £23.00

*Deluxe Pedicure £25.00

*Deluxe Manicures & Pedicures include heated mittens or booties.

Applies like nail polish with a long lasting high gloss finish, cured under a UV lamp, with no chipping or peeling and soaks off in 15 minutes.

* Free form formaldehyde, toluene and DBP phthalates.



Nubar Gelicure

Fingers or toes £16.00

French £18.00

Removal £7.50

Gel polish with a full manicure or pedicure +£10.00

gelicure pic Mani and pedi pic